What are the effects of the Carbon Tax?

How has the introduction of the Carbon Tax affected the individual Australian?

With the introduction of a Carbon Tax in Australia from the 1st of July 2012, the first step was taken by the Australian Government to address this Country’s carbon emmissions in a measured and meaningful way. The Government predicts that the cost of living for the average Australian will rise by 0.7% as a result of price increases due to the tax. That’s it. Maybe $1 per week for each of us. After all the hype, both positive and negative, prior to the introduction of the legislation, it has gone off the national agenda completely just as the GST issue did in its day.

Here is a quote from “The Vine” regarding the likely attitude scenario that will play out over this issue…

… when change comes people adapt, economies adapt and companies adapt. Then they forget. Every large scale reform policy in a modern democracy inevitably comes into being in the face of widespread opposition, but history also suggests that when the predicted catastrophe doesn’t come to pass this opposition fades remarkably quickly.

On the flipside of this entire issue are the less spoken of benefits such as…

  • Our 500 biggest polluting companies cleaning up their operations – therefore less emmissions
  • Your average person questioning whether they need to purchase that extra air conditioning unit – therefore less emmissions
  • Other countries also acting to reduce emmissions because a Western Country is finally showing leadership on the issue.
  • A less polluted country for our children and grandchildren
  • An increased focus on developing largescale renewable energy solutions to replace our base load power requirements into the future.
  • Less influence by the coal lobby on national energy policy

So, the Carbon Tax introduction has come and gone and most things remain the same. The sky didn’t fall in and as a country, we are no more or less affluent than we were 2 months ago. Despite the negativity and disagreement with this approach, it is at least a step in the right direction for solving some of our country’s and planet’s problems and every long walk starts with one step!

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