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Edson Solar Hot Water Systems

The Edson Solar Hot Water System is the latest technology in evacuated tubes. This solar system is a refinement on many of the systems available on the market today. In addition to this, the design of this system is up to 20% more efficient than other evacuated tube product on the market today.

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Solar Hot Water Fact Sheet 18-8-16

Solar Hot Water System Rebate Information
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Product Description

  • Replacing an Electric HWS with a Solar HWS can save around 3 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions annually.
  • Glass lined or stainless steel tanks.
  • Edson tubes themselves consist of an inner and outer tube sealed under vacuum, using 2mm glass (the strongest tubes on the world market), much like your coffee thermos would work. The inside of the tube is then coated in the latest technology, 12 layer sputted coating for higher efficiency, which absorb the sun’s rays and retain the heat. (The Edson evacuated tube has the highest rating in Australia, retaining 97% of the sun’s thermal energy.) Positive sun tracking ensure the optimum use of the sun’s daylight hours!
  • This heat retention allows us to gain up to 250 degrees inside the tube! A copper heat pipe sits within an aluminium fin inside the pipe. This pipe contains just a few mls of water and is also under vacuum.
  • This design allows the water to steam at approx 30 degrees and stay in this form continually. The pipe collects this heat in a head, which super heats and transfers the heat to the manifold. The water flowing over the receptors takes this heat transfer to give you the highest efficiency evacuated tube collector available in Australia. The manifold and frame are made from highly durable, extruded anodized alloy with the latest European styling.


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