Solar Air Module Passive Heating
SAM collectors heating a public hall in Bodalla NSW11-downjet-outlet-200mm10-thermostat-for-sam-unit8-sam-east-end2 sets of 4 SAM panels with PV heating separate areas of a residenceSAM collectors on a flat roof

Solar Air Module Passive Cooling and Heating

The SAM collectors have been designed as the centre piece of a complete Solar Air Heating and Ventilation System incorporating PV panels, solar fans and mounting systems. These systems require no external power supply and therefore operate without any ongoing costs. In a standard installation a PV panel powers a solar fan mounted in a convenient and effective position for supplying warm dry air. The fan will draw fresh air through a filter and into the collector, where the sun will heat the air before it is supplied into the building. The number of modules used will depend on the area to be ventilated and/or heated.

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Product Description


  • It is recommended to install SAM at a high angle (around 60 degrees) to maximise the amount of heat captured by the collector in autumn, winter and spring.
  • SAM can be installed individually or in a bank.
  • SAM can be roof or wall mounted.
  • Roof mounting kits for tile and metal available for the different configurations.
  • Multiple SAM’s in a bank increase the temperature of the air supplied by the system.
  • Each air supply requires a fan kit including a thermostat.
  • Each standard fan requires one PV panel.
  • More powerful DC fans may be used with extra PV panels, if application requires.


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