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Allsun Farm

Allsun Farm Spring Organic Fair 2012

As part of Australia’s Open Garden Scheme, Allsun Farm at Gundaroo are inviting the public to their Spring Organic Fair at the farm on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October. This 2 day event was a huge success last year and is planned to be slightly bigger and better this spring. The garden will be […]

ACT renewable energy target leading the way

The ACT Government recently announced their plan to source 90% of the Territory’s power from renewable energy sources by 2020. This is a further sign that the ACT is leading the way nationally in relation to renewable energy targets (RET). The Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council, John Grimes, was quoted as saying “The […]

Feed in tariffs

What’s going on with these feed in tariffs? This is a very common question from those in our community considering a grid connect installation on their home. Currently, NSW only has a net feed in option available to those that purchase and install grid connect solar on their homes. What this means can be summarised as […]

Maintaining your solar hot water or grid connect system

As more and more solar hot water and grid connect systems are installed in Australian homes, an increased level of maintenance is becoming necessary to prevent costly repairs that could have been easily avoided. All solar related systems require some preventative maintenance and inspection on an annual basis to keep them operating at peak performance […]

Onya shopping bags are tough, lightweight and compact

Always Onya and ready to use, again and again

If you’re familiar with Chaos Theory, you understand that the smallest act can have enormous consequences. The theory goes that a cyclone could be created by a butterfly flapping its wings in a distant land weeks earlier. Dr Seuss wrote a great book about it called “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo“, if you’d like […]

What are the effects of the Carbon Tax?

How has the introduction of the Carbon Tax affected the individual Australian? With the introduction of a Carbon Tax in Australia from the 1st of July 2012, the first step was taken by the Australian Government to address this Country’s carbon emmissions in a measured and meaningful way. The Government predicts that the cost of […]

Who owns the world’s seed varieties?

Monsanto accounts for almost one quarter of the world’s proprietary seed market. As opposed to heirloom seed which is publicly owned seed. The top 3 companies, Monsanto (US), Dupont (US) and Syngenta (Switzerland) account for 47% of the world’s proprietary seed market. (2007 seed sales). Ironically (or not) all three are primarily chemical companies, historically, […]

Grid connect solar panels installation

How do I manage my grid connect system?

After 5-6 years of intense grid connect solar installations nationally and internationally, we now need to turn our minds to the management and maintenance of existing installed systems. Some of the key questions that arise post-installation are; Do I need to wash my panels? How long will my panels last? Should my inverter be making […]

Glyphosate — a wake up call

In our spring garden issue we featured a story about a link between spontaneous animal abortions and Roundup herbicide, uncovered by professor Don Huber. Don recently travelled to Australia and I spent nine hours at lectures and a dinner to discover Roundup’s effects on our gardens. Dr Huber is an international authority on nutrient deficiencies […]