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If you’re familiar with Chaos Theory, you understand that the smallest act can have enormous consequences. The theory goes that a cyclone could be created by a butterfly flapping its wings in a distant land weeks earlier. Dr Seuss wrote a great book about it called “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo“, if you’d like an simple illustration of the theory.

Our media today is certainly full of news about human impact on our planet and the messages about what we should do about it — collectively and individually — can be overwhelming. But if a small act can have a big impact, it should be easy to do our bit, right?

Onya shopping bags are tough, lightweight and compact

Onya shopping bags are tough, lightweight and compact

Jon Brousson, founder of Onya Bags, knew that a reusable shopping bag could replace up to 1,000 plastic bags. That’s potentially a huge impact on reducing use of plastic. But he also knew something this simple wasn’t always easy. How many of us have realised we’ve forgotten those bulky “green” bags again? Or never seem to have one for those unplanned stop-gap shops we do from time to time? He knew we needed a solution that was “attractive, desirable and convenient” to make eliminating plastic bags easier.

The result is their lightweight, crushable, colourful, stuffable shopping bag that is versatile enough to be carried in your hand or adjusted to carry over your shoulder. The best aspects of its design are the little pouch it gets stuffed into, making it about the size of a mobile phone, and the handy clip that can be used to attach it to your keys, your bag, your belt — anything.

The backpack version is perfect for hands-free

The backpack version is perfect for hands-free

The fabric used (made from recycled plastic bottles) is so strong, the bags will never rip, meaning you can load up their larger bag and rely on their handy backpack version, which is ideal for biking, trips to the beach… the possibilities are endless. And they can still be stuffed into a pouch, shrinking it down to the size of a mobile phone. Maybe in this case, a phone from the 1980s, but still a phone.

Want to avoid wrapping your sandwich in cling wrap or foil? Onya have designed the perfect reusable lunch wrap as well! It can handle large rolls packed with salad, right down to your toddler’s half-eaten leftovers. You name it, you can keep it in this wrap: veggie sticks, pizza, biscuits, croissants, bagels, muffins, pasties, pies, cakes… the list goes on!

No matter where you go, you can have a carry bag “Onya” and never need plastic again!

From now until the end of September, you can buy 3 Onya bags or lunch wraps and and get another one FREE! Visit our website now!


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