About ESD

Increasingly people are concerned about the effects of climate change and it is widely accepted that the effects of this environmental catastrophe will have dramatic effects on our climate, our precariously balanced ecosystems and ultimately our lifestyle and well-being. The large scale solutions seem overwhelming but to do nothing would be irresponsible not only in the short term, but more particularly for future generations. As a great Kenyan proverb states

Treat the earth well – It was not given to us by our parents, it was loaned to us by our children.

It is in response to our desire to create even the smallest change that will help our earth to sustain itself that we have launched Eurobodalla Sustainable Devices and Eurobodalla Sustainable Design. We are located on the South Coast of NSW in the Eurobodalla Shire. We believe that everybody can reduce their environmental footprint by utilising better design and by converting to water saving and energy saving devices. We also believe strongly that this action should be undertaken on a local level. We are aware that the desire is there, but the ability to implement systems on a personal level requires guidance.

The owner of Eurobodalla Sustainable Devices is qualified in the field of Landscape Architecture and is well able to apply that knowledge to identify systems/products and applications that will suit the individual’s needs and can be practically applied to their homeworkplace and landscaped surrounds.

We welcome all people that desire to reduce their impact on the planet to our business, and will be happy to prepare an energy audit for the home/workplace that will assess existing energy and water usage. As a follow-up to this assessment, we will recommend ways to reduce energy and water consumption.

Even the smallest change can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and from little things big things grow. We are not in this alone and we can ALL make a difference.

Helpful and friendly advice from owner, Stuart.

Helpful and friendly advice from owner, Stuart.

How we run our business sustainably

  • We only use Australian manufactured recycled paper.
  • We use digital communication in favour of paper where possible.
  • We compost all food waste from our shop and office into our own worm farm which goes to producing worms for sale.
  • We recycle all paper, plastic, metal and glass generated from our business activities.
  • All our office lighting is energy efficient fluorescent or LED.
  • We use the Tri Nature cleaning products that we sell.