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  • Fan unit with vent cover

    Solar Whiz RAF2100G Sub-floor ventilation

    The Solar Whiz sub-floor unit is a powerful solar powered damp air extraction fan that operates completely off the grid via a 35w PV panel and is ideal for solar sub-floor ventilation. The RAF2100G will remove 2100m³ of air per hour from a sub-floor space and is intended for a large sub-floor space.

    Most commonly, Solar Whiz is used to remove damp, mould ridden, smelly air from the sub-floor space, however it may also be used for removing heat directly from the gable end of a roof cavity. A Solar Whiz will also protect the sub-floor structure and help prevent mould and mildew. Eliminating the humidity build up in your sub-floor space reduces the potential for mould and mildew buildup and eliminates dampness and unpleasant smells rising into your living spaces .

    Download Brochure at sub_floor_ventilation_brochure_web

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  • Manifold

    Hydronic Heating

    Hydronic heating is a method of heating homes using heated water run through either room
    radiators or in-slab piping to warm habitable spaces. The heat source for this hot water can be
    from a variety of appliances including, evacuated tube solar hot water systems, slow combustion
    heaters, stoves or boilers, gas boilers, heat pumps or a combination of several of these.
    Temperature can be controlled via room thermostats in most situations.

    These solutions have the advantages of low ongoing running costs and the use of sustainable energy sources.

    Eurobodalla Sustainable Devices specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance
    of Hydronic Heating Systems using renewable heat sources such as evacuated tube and slow
    combustion heaters. We service all areas within the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla and Bega Shires, the Snowy Mountains and the ACT.

    Our installer has over a decade of European training and experience in all facets of Hydronic Heating.

    Download our Hydronic Heating Fact Sheet HERE.

    Edson 120 tube evacuated tube arrray linked to a hydronic heating system and a swimming pool on a dump circuit

    Edson 120 tube evacuated tube arrray linked to a hydronic heating system and a swimming pool on a dump circuit

    Call us for a quotation on 0429743334.

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  • Solar Air Module Passive Heating

    Solar Air Module Passive Cooling and Heating

    The SAM collectors have been designed as the centre piece of a complete Solar Air Heating and Ventilation System incorporating PV panels, solar fans and mounting systems. These systems require no external power supply and therefore operate without any ongoing costs. In a standard installation a PV panel powers a solar fan mounted in a convenient and effective position for supplying warm dry air. The fan will draw fresh air through a filter and into the collector, where the sun will heat the air before it is supplied into the building. The number of modules used will depend on the area to be ventilated and/or heated.

    Click here to see the product brochure and specifications.

    For more information and an obligation-free quote, call us on 0429743334.

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    Allsun Farm

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    The ACT Government recently announced their plan to source 90% of the Territory’s power from renewable energy sources by 2020. This is a further sign that the ACT is leading the way nationally in relation to renewable energy targets (RET). The Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council, John Grimes, was quoted as saying “The […]